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1. Think about what you need or what you will need at your new place

No matter where you move, moving is always about starting afresh. This way, it’s mentally important not to bring everything with you but just enough things which remind you of your past. Apart from that, it’s way better to concentrate on starting a new life, then on recreating your old life. As for retirement communities, there are some which accept a few pieces of furniture, whole others don’t see the necessity for it as they offer pre-furnished homes by default. The moving of furniture, especially when it’s about interstate move or moving to a different country should serve with enough motivation on what to keep and what you shouldn’t keep.

new place

2. Make plans ahead

Plan what you will drop, what you need and what you donate later on. Also, get prepared to rent a smaller or larger storage place for any furniture you cannot bring but still want to keep. Make sure the place is protected especially from burglary and humidity which is generally the main reason why antique furniture and paintings have to be stored properly. Check out all the places at your home and make a scedule when you want to declutter them.

plans ahead

3. Don’t do it alone

Call a friend or more friends to help you. This way you can even gift them things you don’t want to keep, they serve you company and the work will be done within only a fragment of time too. It’s great fun to declutter in company. Also your friends critics will help you get rid of things, which you would rather keep for no apparent reason.

4. Plan your furniture ahead

If you will need to furnish your new place, make sure you stick with furniture which are smaller, space –effective and have a good storage possibility. Think about how you will be able to make the most out of a smaller house or apartment. Remember, you can also get custom furniture done in your new home. This is good idea for closets at smaller places. Focus on finding multipurpose furniture and other small yet practical pieces.

5. Think hard on what you want to take with yourself

We always tend to want to bring way more things with us than we originally intended to. Therefore be harsh and only bring things, that are absolutely necessary for you. Don’t forget, moving equals starting a new chapter in your life, so don’t start it with clinging to the past.