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Moving Tips

1.) Declutter relentlessly

Start getting rid of stuff on time. This saves you considerable time and money. On the contrary it can even earn you money if you end up selling your stuff for a good price on EBay or at other outlets. You are also full of clothing you don’t need anymore. Donate them, give them to a friend or sell them as second hand stores. You can even do a garage sales if you need to get rid of many things and you are to leave a house.

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2.) Have sealed bags ready

You have way more things which can flow out, break or leak including washing, cleaning liquids, toothpastes, crèmes, soaps and all other cosmetic and cleaning materials. Have a separate special box for these, so that it’s ensure that nothing gets messy.

3.) Try colour arrangement or simply write the category on the boxes

It’s wiser to pack according to category then according to room. This way, things can get packed out way easier and they can also be transported more effectively. Don’t forget to put a note or signify in any other way what you store in each box, so that you know it later.

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4.) Have a travel bag with things you will definitely need on the day of moving

Just like you do for travels, pack a bag with one or two days’ clothing, cleansing and cosmetics, so that you don’t have to unpack so many boxes to find these all. Let the baggage also include toilet papers, batteries, chargers, and lightbulbs too.

5.) Get protective packaging for the fragile things

Trust me, you have many more fragile things you would ever think and when it comes to packing them away, you will realize how important it is to have a couple of boxes specifically for these things, such as cups, glasses, accessories, decorations, vases and so on.

6.) Get a moving company who also ensures to take care of your things

There are moving companies which guarantee flawless transportation of goods, so try to choose one with such guarantee. Also make sure you find a company who also helps with all other packs not just boxes and who also bring up the boxes and furniture in your new home. If it’s about IKEA furniture it’s great to have a moving company who can also help reinstalling furniture for you.

7.) Use trash bags for your clothing

This is way less a hassle and trash bags are strong enough for clothes. This is the most effective way of transporting them. If you want to save even less time, have a separate bag for clothes which are on hangers and pack them with the hangers on.